Granite versus Stainless Steel Countertops

If you’re wondering about granite counters versus stainless, here is an easy breakdown:

When choosing a countertop surface for the kitchen, homeowners have a nice variety of options.   Stainless steel and granite are two options often compared together.    Stainless steel offers a sleek, contemporary shiny metal look while granite offers a polished stone appearance.  Many people who start out with an interest in granite end up going with stainless steel kitchen counters simply because of the many benefits.

Easily to Sanitize–  It’s no wonder that stainless steel is the most popular counter surface used in restaurant kitchens. It’s completely non-porous so it is unable to absorb stains, food bacteria or germs.  Granite is porous and must be sealed properly in order to be hygienic.  Additionally, granite needs to be resealed over time to remain non-porous and stain proof.  The chemicals in granite cleaners can weaken the seal making reapplication necessary.

Chip Resistant–  Stainless steel is completely chip resistant.  Granite counter tops can chip and repair of the surface is not easy.

Low Maintenance-  Cleaning stainless steel counters is a breeze!  Simply apply mild soap and warm water to a soft cloth, wipe down the surface and viola!  Your counters are clean, shiny and sanitized.  Most homeowners with granite countertops clean the surface twice:  1st with a sponge or paper towel and 2nd with special granite cleaner.  If one wants to forgo a special granite cleaner, disinfecting granite countertops can be done with a homemade spray solution of 91% Isopropyl alcohol & water.

Non-toxic & Radon free-  Stainless steel countertops are a 100% non-toxic counter surface option.  Granite is a natural stone mined from the earth and can, therefore, contain radioactive elements such as radium, uranium, and thorium.  Testing discovered its possible for some segments of granite can contain more radioactive elements than other granite countertops.  If you are interested in learning more, please read the article written by the EPA- Granite Countertops and Radiation.

Pros Choose Stainless: There are very good reasons that commercial kitchens use stainless steel for countertops. You’ll be hard pressed to find granite counters in a restaurant kitchen. Stainless steel is incredibly durable and naturally, the preferred choice for chefs and cooking professionals.

Stainless vs Granite Comparison Chart

Stainless Steel Granite Counters
Stain Resistant
Chip Resistant
Easy to Sanitize
Economical for Smaller Kitchens
Heat Resistant
Undermounted Sinks
Earth Friendly
100% Radon Free