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Freight Shipping & Returns


Thank you for your purchase from StainlessNC. Your stainless steel countertops will be wrapped in a protective covering and professionally crated for shipment via UPS or Motor Freight Line.



Large items will only be shipped via freight shipping carrier.


Prior to your shipment being picked up by the freight company, we will email your bill of lading and delivery information.

When your items arrive at the freight terminal nearest your location, the freight carrier will call to schedule delivery. Freight shipments are delivered to the customer’s curb. The freight company is not responsible for unloading. The Driver WILL NOT assist you and we recommend for you to have adequate personnel available to assist with unloading.


It’s crucial that you immediately inspect all items at the time of delivery, before signing the delivery ticket.

If you observe defects or damage, do not accept delivery. Write “DELIVERY REFUSED, PRODUCTS DAMAGED” on the delivery receipt and immediately call us at 1-800-532-1058. We will work promptly to arrange for production and shipment of a replacement.

  • If you notice minor damage, write “CONTENTS DAMAGED” on the delivery receipt before you sign it. It is not necessary to describe the damage.
  • Should you refuse delivery for any other reason it will render you ineligible for a return credit and liable for re-delivery charges.

If you accept merchandise and later discover damage, you will need to file a concealed damage claim within 24 hours of receipt of the goods. Contact us immediately at 1-800-532-1058 for help. You will need to crate the merchandise in its original packing material for inspection, pick up and return.

If a freight bill is signed as received in good condition, most freight line insurers will not honor a concealed damage claim.

A decision whether to award compensation for a concealed damage claim is up to the freight insurer and any such award may not cover the full cost of replacement.

Cancellation and Return Policy: Once an order has been placed it cannot be canceled or changed for any reason. Special Orders that are custom made, i.e. uniquely altered, shaped, sized, or otherwise designed to accommodate the requirements of a particular order (including all stainless steel countertops and sinks) are non-returnable and its purchase price cannot be refunded unless damaged beyond repair prior to delivery.

Templating & Installation


STAINLESSNC Offers Turn-Key Templating & Installation Services Throughout North Carolina & Surrounding States.





Thank you for your choosing Stainless NC for your new countertops. In order to ensure a quality installation, we ask that you review and sign the following contract detailing our Terms and Conditions as part of your order.




Description of Materials/Services:  STAINLESS STEEL COUNTERTOPS OF NC INC. will provide to the customer the following services and materials as specified on quote #____________________ as provided to the customer by STAINLESS STEEL COUNTERTOPS OF NC INC.

All materials are guaranteed to be as specified. All work to be completed in a professional manner, in accordance with standard practice. Any alteration or deviation from the description of work as indicated on quote #_____________________will be at an additional cost over and above this agreement.

This contract for materials/services is made as of (DATE:)_____________________ by and between STAINLESS STEEL COUNTERTOPS OF NC INC. (herein after referred to as STAINLESSNC)  and (NAME:)__________________________________, (herein after referred to as customer) who desires STAINLESS STEEL COUNTERTOPS OF NC INC. to provide materials/services to customer and customer desires to obtain such materials/services from STAINLESS STEEL COUNTERTOPS OF NC INC.

Customer Authorization: The customer or customers designated representative MUST be present at the time of templating and installation, and will be responsible for approving all details of the countertops.

Quote: Our initial estimate is based on measurements and/or construction drawings provided by the customer. Quantities are subject to change in accordance with actual field measurements and template. The field template will supersede all previous quotes.

Final Pricing: Your initial quote is an estimate of the projected price of your countertop project. The final price will be determined after the field template has been completed.



Template and Installation Dates: STAINLESSNC will email or call the customer to schedule the field template and installation dates. Installation dates are scheduled 14-21 business days after the completion of your template. The customer must be on site at time of installation.

Time Window: All field template and installation dates will be scheduled directly with the customer, with the understanding that a 2-hour window of time for arrival will be given. All templates and installations will be completed during our normal business hours, Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

Rescheduling/Cancellations: Template cancellations require (3) business day prior notice. Installation cancellations require (5) business days prior notice. All appointment cancellations must be communicated to STAINLESSNC.


Template: All project details must be confirmed prior to scheduling a template. Customer must be on site at time of template to confirm all information.

Cabinets: All cabinets receiving countertops must be permanently installed, set, level and properly secured to the wall and/or floor and no adjustments are to be made after the completion of a template. The countertop must lie flat to within 1/8″ in 8’ to ensure proper adhesion to countertop substrate. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the cabinets are plumb, level, and square. All kitchen cabinets must be permanently secured to walls and/or floor. All cabinetry and end panels must be completely and permanently installed (set and level) prior to the date countertops are scheduled to be field templated. Cabinets that will rest on top of any countertops must be installed after installation of the countertop.

Adjustments: No adjustments are to be made after the completion of a template. If cabinets are adjusted after the completion of a template, a secondary template must be completed at an additional charge.

STAINLESSNC will not level or adjust cabinets.

Countertop Overhang and Support: The countertops size dictate the amount of allowable overhang on a countertop. Stainless steel countertops can support a maximum free overhang of 10” without corbels or brackets: However, at least 75% of the total countertop must be supported by the cabinet. All overhangs in excess of 10” will require corbels or brackets. All support brackets and corbels not purchased from STAINLESSNC must be installed prior to the field template. New or existing cabinets must be structurally sound to withstand the weight of the countertop.

Removal of  Sinks and Appliances: All existing sinks and cook tops must be completely disconnected prior to field template date.

Sinks, Faucets, and Appliances:  All items purchased outside of STAINLESSNC including but not limited to sinks, faucets, free standing ranges, slide in ranges, down drafts and/or cook tops must be on-site at time of template. Changes in specifications will not be accepted after field template is complete.



Installation: The customer MUST be present during the entire installation process.

Utilities: All plumbing/gas must be disconnected. Our installation crew will test fit your drop-in sink and/or cook top stove.

Power Requirements: STAINLESSNC will require at least 1, 110v 30amp service located within 50’ of the work area.

Cleanup: Installation of a countertop is a construction process and residual dust should be expected. The customer is advised to drape or cover areas to contain the dust to the construction area. The work area will be left in broom-clean condition.

Incidental Damage: Final wall preparation (i.e. painting, wall papering, etc.) should not be completed prior to installation. Extreme care will be exercised during the countertop installation; however, scrapes, punctures or digs to wall surfaces are possible, as are scratches and scrapes to cabinetry. These items are considered incidental damage and are the customer’s responsibility to repair. Should the customer choose STAINLESSNC to remove existing countertops, STAINLESSNC cannot be held responsible for any patchwork that may be required after the tear out of your old countertops, including but not limited to wallpaper, tile, spackle, trim, mirrors, etc. STAINLESSNC cannot accept any responsibility for the integrity of the cabinets or any knee walls after removal of the old countertops.

STAINLESSNC does not install drop-in sinks, cook top stoves, mount dishwashers, or other appliances.

STAINLESSNC does not perform plumbing, electrical work or connect gas lines.

STAINLESSNC requires that you DO NOT schedule any other trades such as plumbing, electrical work, flooring, painting, etc. during your template and installation.

Trip Charges: If the templater or installer arrives at the job site and ALL of the conditions outlined are not met the field template or the installation will be rescheduled and a Trip Charge will be assessed.



Payment: This contract must be signed, dated, and accompanied by a nonrefundable 50% deposit payable to STAINLESS STEEL COUNTERTOPS OF NC INC. before your order will be processed. Final payment is due upon installation.

Cancellation and Return Policy: Once an order has been placed it cannot be canceled or changed for any reason. Special orders that are custom made, i.e. uniquely altered, shaped, sized, or otherwise uniquely designed or fitted to accommodate the requirements of a particular space or environment (including all stainless steel countertops and sinks) are non-returnable and cannot be refunded, returned or exchanged unless incorrectly measured by STAINLESSNC, or damaged beyond repair during delivery or by STAINLESSNC installation crews.

Breach: In the event of a breach of this contract, STAINLESS STEEL COUNTERTOPS OF NC INC.  shall be entitled to recover attorney, collection and interest fees incurred with collection. If payment is not made in full, all warranties are null and void.

Jurisdiction: This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of North Carolina without regard to principles of conflict of laws.  Any legal claim arising from this agreement shall be brought and heard in a court in the state of North Carolina.



STAINLESS NC Stands behind all our products with a one-year warranty against all defects in workmanship and materials.

Warranty: STAINLESSNC reserves the right to choose to honor your warranty by repairing or replacing the defected countertop. Warranty excludes countertops that have been moved from the location where originally installed, and does not cover normal wear and tear, alterations, scratches, abuse, neglect or damage caused by forces of nature (foundation settlement, fires, flooding, etc.).

Warranty Disclaimer: We disclaim all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any purpose and all other warranties of any nature except those reflected in our contract. We shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, nor for any damages or delays caused by circumstances beyond our control, including without limitation, labor problems, shortage of goods, or raw materials, fire, flood, weather, or other acts of God. STAINLESSNC will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of products or for any consequential damages.


The prices, specifications, and conditions are satisfactory and are accepted. STAINLESS STEEL COUNTERTOPS OF NC INC. is authorized to do the work specified.



Print Name: ________________________________________ Date: ______________________

Signature: _____________________________________________________________________


Project Address:



Template Date:

Final Payment Due Date:

Installation Date:


STAINLESSNC: ____________________________________ Date: ______________________

Stainless Steel Countertops of NC Inc.


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Countertop Care and Cleaning

With proper care and cleaning your stainless steel countertops will outlast nearly all other countertop surfaces.

Unlike granite or butcher block, stainless counters are a breeze to clean and sanitize.  No need for any special products or chemicals.  After use, simply wipe down with warm soapy water on a soft cloth, then dry and you’re done. Always wipe with the countertops grain direction to help minimize visible scratching.

For stubborn stains, a solution of diluted mild bleach or a stainless steel cleaner may be used.


Pro Tip*

Use glass cleaner to minimize stainless steels ability to show fingerprints and anything else on its hygienic surface.